Know Your Rights

Your rights are not from your government your rights are given from God. The constitution is framed to stop the government from infinging on your rights which it constnatly, insidously does. You must know your rights so you can know when they are violated and what you can do to stop the violators. 

Christians must understand their rights and when violated they must immediately contact and work with the Christian legal network to understand what can be done to protect their (and all other Christian’s) rights.  Working together Christian’s can fund the biggest organized response to unlawful tyranny and ensure that the word of God can continue to be shared  and the protection of his little ones can be restored. 

We must know when a rights violation has occurred.

We must make all Christian’s in our network immediately aware of the rights violation.

We must act quickly (crowd fund) and legally respond with the vigor to these threats.

We must come together and fund the legal responses as a United Christian front 

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