Christian’s are the largest group in the US, and by that I mean true Christian’s .. not the current infiltrators pushing sun on their congregations.  We have a critical choice to make right now .. we can hovel and cower and wait for the body blows of tyranny (God never advised this for the hebrews) or we can respond in United powerful mass and be fearless as God commands us. 

There is no time to linger as we see the persecution all around us. We must act now.



  • Show all Christian’s who is attacking them and where
  • Show all Christian’s how they are fighting back
  • Have crowdfunding setup so Christian’s can easily support the individual legal battles

Respond as a group

  • Just as medishare helps all Christian’s we need legal share crowdfunding 
  • We must immediately challenge all unconstitutional laws at the state and federal levels (we cannot be on constant defense … we need funds to stop them in their tracks immediately)
  • We must boycott as one group to make governments and retailers respond
  • We must vote as a block (if we get the voting system back)

Become autonomous 

  • Provide our own individual backup power (can also use in blackouts)
  • Provide our own and local network food exchanges
  • Share storing techniques 

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